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Welcome to the Prepared Adaptation Initiatives Matrix!

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Project Advisory Committee

The main task of the Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) is to provide strategic guidance and support to the project coordinator and project team to ensure that the results meet the project’s objectives.

Project Management Team

The daily management of the project is in the hands of a three person management team. There is one Project Coordinator Adriana Hulsmann who is the official liaison contact for the European Commission.

Project Components

Activities of the PREPARED project are divided into four research areas responding to the needs of the specific city or utility for adaptation risk assessment and risk management, a tool box for real-time monitoring and modelling.

Technology for water supply and sanitation in developing

Our latest innovations give up an edge over the competitors.

variability and severity of climate impact most adaptation measures

  • PREPARED will address issues related to the management of water, waste water and storm water.
  • PREPARED will address many of the Pan-European problems and will optimise, test and implement adaptive solutions.

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