In Wales the research and demonstration is focused on institutional and social processes through which climate change adaptation occurs. This is a crosscutting issue – called Enabling Change – that will be used through the entire PREPARED project and the city utilities involved. Focussing on the main water and sanitation provider in Wales DCWW (Dwr Cymru Welsh Water) and its stakeholders semi-structured interviews are carried out and documents are reviewed in rela-tion to case studies. Four frames are identified – Market, Environment, People of Wales and Technocracy- which represent current and po-tentially water management ideals in Wales. The frames enable contradictions and align-ments to be identified, and support collective negotiation of a strategy for climate change adaptation. One an ‘appropriate balance’ be-tween internal frames has been agreed a spe-cific plan can be developed to support organisa-tions in moving their policies and practices for-ward in a coherent and adaptive way.

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