Project Management Team

The daily management of the project is in the hands of a three person management team. There is one Project Coordinator Adriana Hulsmann who is the official liaison contact for the European Commission and has final responsibility for the whole project. The Project Coordinator will have regular meetings with the Commission’ Services. Where necessary she will be accompanied by one or more of the Project Management Team members.

The Project Coordinator works together with the Technology Manager Anders Lynggaard-Jensen and the City Utilities Manager Yann Moreau Le Golvan. As explained before we decided for expertise of the main focus areas being represented in the Management Team. Where Adriana has the expertise on drinking water supply and EU (drinking) water legislation, Anders has the expertise on wastewater and wastewater treatment side, and Yann has industrial expertise on both drinking water and waste water. We feel more comfortable having knowledge on the range of issues covered in the project within one management team. The responsibilities are clearly defined.

  • The Project Manager has the responsibility for the whole project and for the communication with the European Commission.
  • The Technology Manager is responsible for the logistic and progress management of the RTD activities and the communication with the Stakeholder Groups in close cooperation with the Work Area 7 leader Keith Robertson from IWA.
  • The City Utilities Manager is responsible for the logistic and progress management of the Demonstration activities and the communication with the City Utilities Groups (e.g. the national and regional utility platforms). [The actual demonstration activities in the city utilities are managed by the WA1 leader, which is also Yann Moreau-Le Golvan, but in a different role].

Project Management Team

The Project Management Team will monitor and discuss the overall progress of the project in substantial detail and identifies any issues that impact on the scheduled progress, deliverables and milestones. Also they will monitor the time and budget spent in the whole project. The information on progress against time and budget spend will be provided by WA and WP leaders using an electronic project management tool (MS project). The Project Management Team will meet 4 times per year. One is combined with the PSB meeting and 2 meetings are combined/back-to-back, with meetings with the Work Area leaders. The Project Management team will assist the Project Coordinator in the production of the interim and final progress reports to the EC.

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