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Seattle Public Utilities – USA


SPU, which is a department of the City of Seattle, provides a reliable water supply to more than 1.3 million customers in the Seattle area, and provides essential sewer, drainage, and solid waste services to City of Seattle customers. SPU employs an estimated 1400 permanent employees and has annual revenues of nearly $485 million per annum. In 2007, its revenues were $485 million and its projected 2009 operations and management and capital improvement budget is nearly $823 million. SPU has been active for several years on the issue of assessing the impacts of climate change on the hydrologic cycle and developing adaptation strategies. SPU has funded or contributed to two studies that utilized downscaled GCMs to create climate altered hydrology in order to assess the potential impacts of climate change on its water supply. SPU also hosted an international workshop on urban drainage adaptation in October 2007 that focused on the potential impacts of climate change on urban drainage system and on possible adaptation strategies. SPU has also presented on its climate change work and several climate change conferences and workshops. SPU is active on the climate change committees of the major water sector industry associations in the U.S., and is advising water sector research associations on the development of climate change research agendas for the water sector.

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