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Water Supply and Sanitation Company (PWiK – Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji) – Poland


The PWiK’s Gliwice activity is to meet the needs of inhabitants and industry for water supply and wastewater treatment services. PWiK was established in 1991 (initially as a company subordinate to Voivodeship Office) and since 1995 onward is a municipal enterprise, whose range of operation comprise four municipalities: Gliwice, Pyskowice, Rudziniec, Sośnicowice (230 000 inhabitants). The infrastructure managed by PWiK consists of three wastewater treatment plants, over 780 km of waterworks and 450 km of sewage system network. The city of Gliwice has a long tradition in water supply and sewage treatment. The first mechanical- biological sewage treatment plant was built before the Second World War. With a population of 229 000 there is a full water supply and sewage discharge by combined and separate sewerage system. The last modernization of the central sewage treatment took place in the period 2000-2002. The capacity is 51 000 m3/d. New investment supported with EU funds of a total cost of 54 415 M Euro will comprise construction of 112 km of municipal sewerage system, and a separate rain water draining system. Also about 8 km of the old combined sewerage system will be renovated with the application of innovative technology.

Contact person: Agnieszka BATOG (Ms.)




The Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas – Poland


IETU performs a duty on a basis of the Research and Development Units Act and the Ministry’s of Environmental Protection, Natural Resources and Forestry ordinance concerning division of Environmental Protection Institute. IETU operates in the area of environmental protection and sustainable development. The main Institute’s tasks are: initiating, leading and cooperating of scientific, researches and development actions, implementation of researches’ results, researches’ results dissemination and providing of ecological education.

Contact person: Ratman-Klosinska IZABELA (Ms.)




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