Climate change causes major challenges for the water sector of Oslo, such as the sustainable operation of the combined sewer system, the increased hydraulic and variable peak loads on the wastewater treatment plants and the deterioration of water sources intended for drinking water production.

There are a number of demonstrations in Oslo, such as real-time control of sanitation systems with the aim to improve the quality of receiving waters and to minimise the impact on the environment from combined sewer overflow and wastewater treatment plants effluent. Oslo will also test and demonstrate models and knowledge for the operation and maintenance of wastewater networks that are exposed to rapid changes in flow. This will make it possible to better cope with fluctuations in hydraulic load and pollution loads to the treatment plants. In order to prevent adverse effects of re-growth of bacteria and the growth of opportunistic pathogens in water supply net-works remedial actions such as optimization of the water treatment plant will be tested.

Demonstration manager: Frode Hult Website: http://www.vav.oslo.kommune.no.

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