The WCSP demonstration in Eindhoven was finalised at the workshop held on 22 October. All stakeholders in de Eindhoven UWS were present to share their ideas on managing climate change risks in Eindhoven. The UWS was characterised and climate change risks were identified during two previous workshops in 2011. Since then the stakeholders have worked on dealing with these risks, not only within the PREPARED context, but also in several other projects.

The first step was to revisit the identified risks to include new insights in the risk events. Risk evaluation and risk treatment had taken place from various perspectives, e.g. maintaining ecological quality of surface water by enhanced control of sewerage and wastewater treatment during extreme events or dealing with moisture in homes from high groundwater levels during wet winters.

Maybe typical for the Dutch situation was the pragmatic approach taken. Rather than focussing on likelihood and effect of events and keeping risk below a target, a general direction was chosen; using the current infrastructure and level of investments these were optimised to deal with climate change. For example disconnecting rain pipes from sewers is a long-term investment whereas optimising control of sewers and wastewater treatment is a short term approach to efficiently improve resilience. To achieve these changes, effective communication between stakeholders, with politics and the community is very much needed. Eindhoven provided some interesting examples of this. With respect to the WCSP framework, added value was perceived from bringing the stakeholders together and the systematic approach to prevent gaps. On the other hand, this requires much time and improvements in efficiency and pragmatism would be welcomed by the stakeholders. 

Posted on: woensdag 23 oktober 2013 
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