Upcoming Istanbul Cities of the Future conference: 15-18 September 2013

PREPARED will have a session to initiate the Black Sea forum at the IWA Cities of the Future Conference in Istanbul September 15-18, 2013.  The Black Sea Forum workshop will be an opportunity for organizations (including utilities, researchers, regulators, government, private sector, etc) to share urban water and climate change adaptation strategies in water and wastewater utilities as well as technical expertise among those involved in addressing PREPAREDness to secure the provision of water supply and sanitation. The workshop is being planned with the PREPARED partner in Turkey, Tubitak Marmara. Participants will include those from the Black Sea Region as well as international experts. Experiences and outputs from the PREPARED will be highlighted and used along with other inputs to formulate an approach to address urban water and climate change problems and solutions common to the Black Sea region.  The workshop will be starting point for further collaboration around approaches to adaptation in water and sanitation in the region, as well as an opportunity to disseminate PREPARED outputs in the Black Sea region.

Please follow the link to read the brochure: http://www.iwacof2013.org/brochure.pdf



Posted on: maandag 12 augustus 2013 
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