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A Project aimed to Prepare Cities for Climate Change

The ‘PREPARED: Enabling Change’, Project, a large, EU-funded, collaborative effort comprising 35 partners, supports World Water Day on Monday 22 March 2010.

“With our research and implementation partners in Europe, the United States of America and Australia, we will work towards a set of solutions for utilities all over the world to put in place mitigating strategies and solutions in the face of the anticipated climate change challenges”, said Adriana Hulsmann, Coordinator of the PREPARED Project.
This 4-year project is build around city utilities and the challenges they face as a result of climate change. Faced with the rise of annual average temperatures, rainfall changes and as a consequence the rising risk of floods and droughts, PREPARED plans to research and exploit opportunities for innovative adaptation technologies and solutions while supporting climate-proof EU policies and Directives.

The project will link comprehensive research with development programmes in the participating utilities that are working on an advanced strategy in meeting the upcoming challenges for water supply and sanitation. The partners and technology suppliers will develop new designs, tools and systems in order to approach adaptation and therefore enable change.
The selection of the cities involved in PREPARED was done on the basis of three criteria: the geographic representativeness, the added value of the cities to the matrix of challenges and the ability  of the cities to invest a considerable amount of effort (money and staff) in adaptation measures.

Utilities in the following regions and cities will participate: Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Eindhoven (Netherlands), Genoa (Italy), Istanbul (Turkey), Gliwice (Poland), Lisbon (Portugal), Lyon (France), Oslo (Norway), Simferopol (Crimea), Aarhus (Denmark),  Wales (England), Seattle (USA) and Melbourne (Australia).

For more information, please contact
KWR, Watercycle Research Institute
Postbus 1072,
3430 BB Nieuwegein
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)30 60 69 582


Team leaders at the PREPARED kick-off meeting in Eindhoven March 2010
Anders Lynggaard-Jensen DHI, Keith Robertson IWA, Gerard van den Berg+Adriana Hulsmann KWR, Yann Moreau-Le Golvan KWB, Jean-luc Bertrand-Krajewski INSA, Patrick Smeets KWR, Simon Tait Pennine Water Group and Lars Hem Sintef.

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Some of the consortiums partners
This project has received
funding from the European Union’s
Seventh Programme for Research,
Technological Development and
Demonstration under Grant
Agreement No 244232
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