The city of Genoa is faced with challenges as a result of climate change as long periods of no rain affect the availability and the quality of the water and also a increased frequency of flash floods.

In 2011 a series of flash floods caused damage to the city and resulted in loss of human life. In Genoa, a decision support system (DSS) is demonstrated for efficient management of competing uses of source water including the protection of water intakes. The DSS will reduce the impact on the water supply in Genoa during extreme condi-tions that are caused by climate change such as drought and flood events. This should increase the level of ser-vice to the citizens. Also, the water supply to the city will be better ensured with a minimum waste of water and energy.

Demonstration managers: Tiziana Caliman and Paola Latona. Website:

November 2011, flash floods in Genoa

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