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Simferopol Drinking Water Supply and sewerage Company – Crimea


Crimean Republican Enterprise “Simferopol Drinking Water Supply and Sewerage Company” (Simferopol DWSC) was established in October, 1932. Simferopol DWSC is the largest water company (1020 employees) in Crimea, providing services of water supply to habitants and enterprises of Simferopol and Simferopolskiy district. In general, organization serves a population of 460,000 people.

Simferopol DWSC is a powerful industrial complex on the production of drinking water, delivering and treating sewage, and has developed infrastructure, which includes tens of pump stations, treatment plants and engineering systems of water supply and distribution. There are 4 sources for drinking water: Simferopol reservoir – 36 mln. m3 (water from Salgir river); Partisanskoe reservoir – 34 mln. m3 (water from Alma river); Mezhgornoe reservoir – 50 mln. m3 (water from NCC canal, which carries water from Dniepr river, and used only for drinking water purposes when it is very dry) and Ayanskoe reservoir – 4 mln. m3 (water from Ayan well/river).

Today the main directions of activity are modernization of water purification and sanitation process, water network (820 km distribution network - 75 km are replaced by modern plastic pipes, rest are old steel pipes), improving energy-saving technologies to reduce high energy consumption, installation of protected zones along reservoirs and rivers against pollution.

Contact person: Oleksandr SAFONOV (Mr)




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