Consortium Partners

Municipality of Eindhoven - The Netherlands


All water authorities in Eindhoven will participate: the municipality of Eindhoven, the regional waterboard De Dommel and the (non-profit) drinking water supply company Brabant Water.

  • The municipality is responsible for collecting and transporting wastewater, rainwater and ground water. For this a ten year programme has been made that includes measures to improve surface water quality, ground water management, rain water transport and collection and maintenance.
  • The regional waterboard manages the wastewater treatment and is in charge of surface water quality and quantity control.
  • The drinking water company is responsible for the drinking water supply, including ground water extraction and treatment in Eindhoven and the infrastructure to provide customers.

These activities and their effectiveness is highly interconnected. Ground water control from the municipality is for quantity and quality connected with the extraction of ground water by the drinking water company. Waste and rain water collection and transport is linked to waste water treatment and (combined sewer and storm water) outlets on surface water.

Contact person: Frank VAN SWOL (Mr)




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