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KWR Water b.v. (coordinator) – The Netherlands


KWR is based in the Netherlands and is the research institute for the Dutch drinking water sector, their current shareholders. Unique in the world, this collaboration of the water supply companies in the Netherlands has resulted in a powerful knowledge base and an extensive collective memory for the drinking water sector, developed over more than 60 years. For all partners and clients we develop and unlock relevant knowledge about the small water cycle: from water systems to water technology and (clean) water quality. The objective of KWR is to provide the water sector with the means to identify and effectively meet the challenges of our time: from climate change to the increasing amount of contaminants that affect water quality, and the growing pressure to use space, both above and underground, intensively and for multiple purposes. Whenever possible KWR works together with other leading research institutes and partners inside and outside the Netherlands. KWR has managed and conducted the Joint Research Programme of the Dutch Water Sector for more than thirty years. This research programme has an annual budget of 6.5 million euro

Contact person: Adriana HULSMANN (Ms.)


PO Box 1072


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