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Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (Istanbul Su Ve Kanalizasyon Idaresi ) – Turkey


Main tasks and priorities of ISKI (Istanbul Water and Waste Management Directorate of General), affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), are preserving water resources, providing good-quality water services to public, managing and treating wastewater. The total service area of ISKI’s is as 5,342 km2. The transport mains and distribution networks by means of which water is channeled to the city are monitored by İSKİ in the electronic environment by means of the SCADA system. The total length of operational water networks is 15,586 km; the total length of sewers is 12,714 km. The annual yield of water resources 1.353 million m3/year and the water treatment capacity is 3.6 million m3/day. To fulfill these aims, ISKI has successfully completed a lot of local and international projects and investments in the field of environment, water/waste management and wastewater treatment in the past. As a result, ISKI has 13 water treatment plants with a total capacity of 3.608.000 m3/day and 15 wastewater treatment plants in different provinces of Istanbul currently, and it continues to build more facilities in parallel to growing population of city. All these facilities are equipped with high-tech machinery and equipment, and benefit from the results of recent R&D studies.

Contact person: Orhan Cemal GOKTAS (Mr)




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