The project PREPARED Enabling Change addresses the adaptation of the water sector to better cope with the challenges posed by climate change. The project develops adaptation technologies and decision-support tools based on real-time management that will allow a quick response to extreme events, to prevent and limit any dam-ages, risks and disturbances in the urban water cycle. In addition, PREPARED works with utilities to include 'uncertain' impacts of climate change scenarios in the day-to-day management practice of the utilities and in the decision making process on investment strategies. Adapting water organisations and their processes and infra-structures to address climate change impacts poses a significant challenge, which will involve using both new and existing technologies, but may equally involve new ways of work-ing within and between organisations or between organisations and the public.

PREPARED is an end-user driven research and demonstration project and involves 12 European cities and two non-European cities from Australia and the United States. As a problem-owner driven project, the water utilities in PREPARED identified the ex-pected challenges for their situation and defined the knowledge and research needs. The research partners and the technology suppliers work together with the water utilities on the potential solutions and the results are implemented and demonstrated at the utilities. In this respect PREPARED's ambition is to close the gap between research and innovation and the market through direct implementation and testing the fit-for-use project results.

The demonstrations at the city utilities are the key part of the pro-ject and address a portfolio of impacts of climate change on the European water sector. The utility partners have committed them-selves to create a forum for cities to exchange expertise and gain experience on their demonstration activities and on other national related research. A first step towards creating this forum was ac-complished during the Alliance Forum Sessions at the IWA Con-ference on Water, Climate and Energy in Dublin in May 2012. Utilities are welcome to join this forum and can contact the coordinator Gesche Gruetzmacher per email at:

For an overview of what each of the cities / utilities will be demonstrating, please click on the poster links left.

PREPARED Enabling Change

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