The European Commission is funding the Collaborative project ‘PREPARED Enabling Change’ (PREPARED) within the context of the Seventh Framework Programme 'Environment'. The PREPARED project originates from the WSSTP (Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform - www.WssTP.eu) thematic working group Sustainable Water Management in Urban areas.

Over a period of five years, PREPARED will work with a number of urban utilities in Europe and worldwide to develop advanced strategies to meet anticipated challenges in the water supply and sanitation sectors brought about by climate change. The project will provide a framework that links comprehensive research with development programmes in these utilities. The PREPARED vision will provide significant synergistic opportunities that the utilities can utilise to improve their preparedness for the ongoing changes related to the provision of water supply and sanitation.

The outcomes of the project will be used as input for the planning and rehabilitation programmes of the participating cities. Following on from that, the experience gained by the utilities, will be shared with other actors of the water sector in Europe.

The ultimate objective is environmental-concern based rehabilitation and investment programmes for water supply and sanitation systems (including storm water). The cities and utilities involved will be prepared and resilient to the impacts of climate change in the short and in the long-term.

The project implementation started in February 2010 and it is expected to end in January 2014, under E.U. contract number 244232.


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USA Astralie Italy Ukraine Poland Germany Turkey Netherlands France Spain Portugal United Kingdom denmark norway

News and Information

Prepared Newsletter Issue 8 - Spring 2014

An overview and selected details on the demonstrations in the PREPARED cities. The Newsletter shows examples of how sophisticated, applied research has been taken up by end-users and how each of the PREPARED cities has increased its adaptive capacity in a different way, depending on the specific challenges it is faced with.

WssTP Newsletter November 2013

The best way to get actively involved in the European water sector revolves around WssTP. Visit WssTP new website (http://wsstp.eu/), built with the aid of KWR, Watercycle Research Institute, for more on how to engage more.

PREPARED Alliance Forum

The PREPARED Alliance Forum is the network of water utilities participating in PREPARED. The 2nd Alliance Forum Meeting during the PREPARED Conference will bring utilities together with researchers and experts from different sectors to share experiences and lessons learned with the goal of further developing innovative concepts to improve resilience to the impacts of climate change. Do not miss out on this opportunity!

PREPARED conference: Adaptive solutions for water utilities

PREPARED and Aarhus Water are pleased to announce that a conference on adaptive solutions for water utilities will be held in Aarhus, Denmark, January 21-23, 2014.
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